El Pintor by Interpol


My faith won’t lie…

Earlier this month, I was contacted by the people running Forty5.co.uk regarding the possibility of me writing for their music site. I took them up on the offer and so I will be, periodically writing the odd review for them. My first piece for them concerned El Pintor by Interpol – have a read here!

I will, obviously, still be writing The Mezzanine, so don’t worry!

Album Rating


Recommended Listening:

“All the Rage Back Home”, “Anywhere”, “My Desire” and “Breaker 1″ from El Pintor

“Untitled”, “Obstacle 1″, “Leif Erikson” and “Roland” from Turn on the Bright Lights

“Evil”, “Slow Hands”, “Take You on a Cruise” and “Not Even Jail” from Antics

“Pioneer to the Falls”, “The Lighthouse” and “Rest My Chemistry” from Our Love to Admire

“Lights” and “Barricade” from Interpol

Recommended Related Listening:

“Transmission” (Single), “Shadowplay” and “She’s Lost Control” from Unknown Pleasures and “Atrocity Exhibition” and “Isolation” from Closer by Joy Division

“A Forest” from Seventeen Seconds, “Friday, I’m In Love” from Wish and “The Love Cats” from Japanese Whispers by The Cure

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