Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels


“We all dead, fuck it…”

As regular readers will be aware, I write for a site called Forty5 on an infrequent basis. Here’s my latest piece for them, Run the Jewels 2 from the hip-hop duo of Killer Mike and El-P (known as Run the Jewels).


It’s a brilliant hip-hop album that is another contender for Album of the Year alongside Familiars from The Antlers, You’re Dead! by Flying Lotus, Our Love by Caribou and Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs and a great album that represents where 2014 hip-hop really is (or at least, should be).

Have a read of my review by following the link below!

Album Rating


Recommended Listening:

“Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) (feat. Zach De La Rocha)”, “Blockbuster Night Pt.1” and “Love Again (Akinyele Back) (feat. Gangsta Boo)” from Run the Jewels 2

“Banana Runner (feat. Big Boi)” and “Run the Jewels” from Run the Jewels

Recommended Related Listening:

“Reagan”, “R.A.P. Music” and “Southern Fried” from R.A.P. Music by Killer Mike

“Snappin’ & Trappin'” and “B.O.B. from Stankonia and “The Whole World” from  Big Boi and Dre Present… OutKast by OutKast

“Kush Coma (feat. A$AP Rocky and Zelooperz)” and “Wonderbread” from Old and “Monopoly” from XXX by Danny Brown

“Shutterbugg (feat. Cutty)” from Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty by Big Boi

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