“Timepiece” by Ripple Green


For many up-and-coming rock bands, intensity and balls-out aggression is what is accentuated. If you think back to the early days of Arctic Monkeys, Libertines or The Killers, their work was harsh and unpolished. For many acts, this is then polished and refined as the group continues but for a band like Ripple Green, this will be unneeded. Having been together since 2004 (and knowing each other since they were in kindergarten back in Oklahoma), the formative period has been and gone for Ripple Green and what is present on “Timepiece” – the first track on their Timepiece EP – is a coherent sound that is like a refined wine.

29988b2a31d285452ae86f30fe925041The repeated “La-la-la”s of the song’s hook are about as infectious as vocal hooks come and the combination of upbeat and incredibly personal are brilliant qualities for a song like “Timepiece” to hold. The timepiece signifies how we revolve around the people we care about and this sentiment is held as a celebration – in the same way as the party that’s going on at Stonehenge in the song’s music video.

The smooth chord progression, backed by laid-back bass and upbeat drums makes for an effective back-drop to the blithe lyrics. But this carefree feeling is at its more potent during the cut-back chorus towards the end of the song as a light guitar riff takes centre-stage.

The party atmosphere, in the music video, embodies the light-hearted nature of Ripple Green’s 2015 self and this is what can draw anyone into listening to this under-appreciated up-and-coming band. Here at The Mezzanine, we suggest you check them out!

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