Who’s Writing?

“Without music, life would be a mistake…”

– Friedrich Nietzsche


My name’s Matt and I run The Mezzanine. As an aspiring music journalist, this is a site I set up so I could write about what I hear, what’s new, old or just down-right brilliant.

Alongside my own articles, there are contributions from Liam Ball, a fellow writer who usually writes about film on his site (Man Bites Frog) but writes about music here.

One last feature to this site is links to articles I write for other publications (such as Forty5). I will post these links as and when I write for other people.

If you liked this site, why not head over to The Mezzanine’s Facebook page and get links direct to your Facebook Wall or Follow us on Twitter? There are also regularly updated Tumblr and Pinterest pages for you to follow if you would like links that are accompanied by images of artwork, artists and bands relevant to each article!

For those up-and-coming artists who would like to get in contact and discuss the possibility of having your music reviewed by us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact via Facebook or by filling out the form below and I will reply as soon as possible regarding any future articles.

Hope you enjoy reading The Mezzanine! 🙂

Guest Writers:

Liam Ball

5 responses to “Who’s Writing?

  1. Hello, Matt. Do you welcome requests in any way? I’m part of a Brazilian music collective and would love to have your opinion on any of our releases, if you’re able. Great blog by the way – love your career analysis thing. Cheers!


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